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Spanish Painter – Carlos Blanco Artero

Carlos Blanco Artero Artist

Carlos Blanco Artero was born in Madrid in 1983.

“My main line of work focuses on the human figure, and more specifically on the face and its deformation. The woman has always been, and will be, a fundamental part of my work. I always try to achieve the maximum level of deformation that each work allows me, always trying to maintain a formal and aesthetic balance. Since last year, I have been immersed in a more experimental line of work: I start with an automatic and random drawing in which, after coloring it, I look for recognizable forms. Through various techniques such as blurring, highlighting, and shading, I try to facilitate the understanding of these forms to the eye of the viewer. This series is presented in diptychs, triptychs and polyptychs”.

He has exhibited at the Ouchi Gallery in New York, Nina Torres Gallery in Miami, Spanish Center in New York, Pablo Serrano Museum ( IAACC) and Camón Aznar Museum in Zaragoza, Galerie Thuillier in Paris, Asian Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong or Carrousel du Louvre, Louvre Museum in Paris.