Cai Jun 蔡骏


Cai Jun(蔡骏)was born in Chengdu in 1981, educated in Sichuan and is currently working in Beijing. The young Chinese artist considers himself a typical member of China’s “Post-80s” generation – those born and raised in the “reform and opening” years of the 1980s. A graduate of the Sichuan University of Fine Arts, Cai has quickly established himself as one of the rising stars, with his works being shown at the Shenzhen Art museum, Beijing and Hong Kong and several other art institutions in China as well as aboard. Cai’s works are being regularly sold to international collectors.

Cai’s work is playful and humorous and the subject matter and techniques employ either challenging traditional frameworks and concepts or present a bold critique of contemporary society. His cynical attitude towards so-called “Supposed Art Form” or “Fine Arts” has totally broken free in his work, he follows his heart and soul to create his own artistic empire.

Russel Wong PhotographerCai Lei Chinese Artist