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Shi Yanliang 时砚

Shi Yanliang

Shi Yanliang (时砚亮) was born in Shandong in 1981 and graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. He currently lives and works in Beijing.

Shi Yanliang’s style is clean and crisp – the artist is most famous for his straightforward, flat and vibrant paintings. The paintings of Shi Yanliang tell stories, he uses intensive colours and clean precise lines to depict overwhelming and sometimes not too positive emotions.

Being an 80s child and one of the most prominent and promising emerging talents in China today, the artist often tries to make sense of the impact of China’s one-child policy as well as of the sudden influence of western capitalism on this generation through his distinctive visual language.

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2008 – Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts

Exhibition History

Solo Exhibition

2010 – “Watermelon Mountain” Solo Exhibition, Hanmo Arts Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2014 – “The Taste of Life” Soka Art Center, Beijing

2014 – UUPP “Excellence” Emerging Artists Group Exhibition, China National Convention Centre

2014 – hi 21 Emerging Artists Group Exhibition, hi Arts Centre, Beiing

2013 – 798 Art Festival Recommended Exhibition, 798 Arts Centre, Beijing

2012 – “Secrets” Yong He Gong Art Space, Beijing

2012 – Shi Yanliang & Xu Haidong Double Show, Hanmo Arts Gallery, Beijing

2011 – “Spreading Reality”, Rui Space, Shanghai

2011 – 798 Art Festival “Hanmo Arts Gallery Autumn Group Exhibition”, Beijing

2011 – “Blue Prints of the City” Invited Young Artists Group Exhibition, CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou

2010 – “Emerging Artists Group Exhibition”,Central Art Museum, Jiangsu

2010 – “Guan Zi Zai” Art Guang Dong, Guang Dong

2009 – “Both Sides of the Straits” Museum of China, National Museum of Tai Wan

 2009 – Invited Emerging Artists Exhibition, Chong Qing

2008 – New Vision – The Fifth Edition: Oil Painting Exhibition, Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum

2007 – Made in Beijing Group Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

2007 – The Second Single Child Generation Return Exhibition, Zhu Qixhan Art Museum, Shanghai

2006 – The Single Child Generation Group Exhibition, Today’s Museum, Beijing

2006 – The Light of Art Academy, Today’s Fairytale, Beijing

 2006 – Central Academy of Arts Group Exhibition

2005 – Central Academy of Arts Group Exhibition

Shi Yanliang – Auction History

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Shi Yanliang Auction Record Image
Shi Yanliang Auction Record Image