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Beautiful Appearances – Shi Yanliang


“When you create an artwork in an impromptu manner, you have to measure and balance the ratio [between all the components of the artwork] from the pivotal interest in the observed subject matter. The interest radiates, to the rest of the pictorial plane, just like waves spreading to their surroundings. I start from a

1H 2016 Auction Review


Auctions have been coming thick and fast in 2016, so we took a moment to review some of the highlights and summarize for you. Where prices are stated below, please be advised that they are in USD and don't include any buyers premium. Ai Xuan continues strong auction performance Ai Xuan is one of the most stable

The Process of Creating a Bronze Sculpture


If you want to cast and create a bronze sculpture, two different techniques are available. We're going to look into the "lost wax" process, which was originally defined in 2,000 BC. However, the modern day process has not changed much over the resulting millennia. Bronze is an alloy comprised of 95% copper, 4% silicon, and

Tempera Paint – A Forgotten Medium


Egg Tempera painting was the primary medium of choice up to around the 1500's when it was superseded by the now highly popular medium of oil painting. Its rare these days to find artists practicing and mastering this technique, but one such artist is Chinese born Chen Yaqiu, who brings back this traditional medium on

Your Guide to Museums in Singapore


For such a small landmass, Singapore does a fine job of bringing art, culture and history to the public with well over 30 different museums in Singapore. Whether you're living in Singapore or just visiting, we thoroughly recommend you check out the 8 options listed below. (1) THE SINGAPORE NATIONAL GALLERY Photo Credit:

Film Series by Chinese Artist Cai Jun


Chinese artist Cai Jun has produced a number of works inspired by popular films and movie characters. In this post we asked him what drove him to produce this particular series of works. Question: This series of work quite clearly focuses on specific films and movie characters. Can you tell us what drove you to

An Interview with Chinese Sculptor Wang Zhanfeng


We sat down with Chinese sculptor Wang Zhanfeng at his studio in Beijing recently where he talked about how he got started in sculpting and the inspiration for his current series of works related to water. Video Transcript When I first started to create artwork, I was looking for some methods that

An Interview with Artist Cai Jun


Born in Chengdu, educated in Sichuan, and currently working in Beijing, the young Chinese artist Cai Jun (蔡骏) considers himself a typical member of China’s post-80s generation – those born and raised in the “reform and opening” years of the 1980s. A graduate of the Sichuan Academy of Art, Cai has quickly established himself as

The Cultural Revolution – Shaping an Entire Generation of Chinese Artists


The Cultural Revolution in China was a social-political movement that took place between 1966 through to 1976 under the leadership of Mao Zedong, who at the time was the leader of the Communist Party of China. Its goal was to preserve what they (largely they being Mao Zedong) deemed ‘true’ communist ideology in China by

Why Buy Young Emerging Artists Work?


At Asian Art Platform a large part of our work involves identifying and speaking with emerging artists. Whilst there is undoubtedly a small commercial angle behind this (and it genuinely is small as the middleman on relatively low value works) the main driver is that its just something we're truly passionate about. We enjoy searching for talented artists and