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American artist, Heather Goodwind produces highly intuitive and expressive works of art that instantly engage the viewer in an introspective dialogue. The minimalistic forms and the delicate compositions come from years of disciplined practice and artistic development.

Heather Goodwind was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1973, and grew up between Berkeley, California and Key West, Florida. She graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Sculpture in the year 1996. She moved to Brooklyn in 1997 where she began working with found objects, which played a major role in developing her current artistic style.

During 2007 to 2008, Heather spent 12 months in China, studying traditional Chinese calligraphy and ink painting under renowned Chinese calligraphers and visited 798 Artist Village as an invited residential artist. She collects elements of traditional Chinese ink painting, and combines the calligraphy technique with western materials to create her unique masterpieces.

She has lived in Argentina and China, and currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Volcano by Heather Goodwind

Volcano I & II by Heather Goodwind – 2015, 56 x 36cm, Mixed Media – More Info

Heather’s artistic process is slightly unusual for an expressionist artist. There is a sort of archival quality to it. Her works and projects are done in series, she creates gradual movements of her inner intuition onto the papers within the series. The series of works are marked by a period of time, which further emphasizes the archival quality of her works. However, the most interesting thing about this huge archive of Heather’s delicate and fleeting thoughts is that every work of art is capable of communicating strongly with the viewer while maintaining its position as part of the series.

Untitled by Heather Goodwind

Untitled by Heather Goodwind – 2015, 28 x 36cm, Mixed Media – More Info

Conceptually, Heather’s work is all about exploring that particular time, mood or space within which the drawing is created. It is a play of chance, somewhat similar to that in Jackson Pollock’s action painting or the expressionist productions of the Dadaists, but also with an intuitive approach that is unique to the artist herself. Each of Heather’s drawings explores a singular idea or concept in a pleasantly abstract manner, leaving enough room for the interpretation of the viewer.

“My drawings represent a constant outpouring of singular impressions: clearly isolated images that capture flashes of emotion, changes in perception or moments of recognition,” explains the artist. “I give fleeting thoughts as much consideration as monumental ideas: nothing is more important than anything else and every small thing has its place.”

Diptych by Heather Goodwind

Diptych by Heather Goodwind – 2016, 112 x 76cm, Mixed Media – More Info

Working with a wide range of media on paper, artistic experimentation or rather a play with the medium is also evident in her works. She skillfully uses the qualities of the different media to her advantage and produces the most intriguing mixed media drawings. She has showcased her works as part of solo as well as group exhibitions in several locations in China, the United States and Argentina. Her works are also part of the permanent collections of the US Consulate (Monterrey, Mexico) and The Instituto Municipal De Caremica De Avellaneda (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Heather’s artworks could be called a visual translation of intuition itself. The delicate and fleeting imagery combined with the emotion and expressions gives the thoughts of our mind a visual form. There are several different layers of conceptual understanding involved in her minimalistic works. It is like watching a thought develop into an idea.

More about Heather Goodwind

Heather Goodwind

Heather Goodwind was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1973, and grew up between Berkeley, California and Key West, Florida.

She graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Sculpture and co-founded Gallery 214 in Portland’s Old Town district in 1996. She moved to Brooklyn soon after and began sculpting with found materials. This was also the beginning of her small format drawings in books, which now number over 600 works.

Heather Goodwind has been a participant in the Palacio Mexico artists’ cooperative from 2005-7. She has also spent 12 months in China, studying calligraphy and watercolor with local and traditional artists, as well as receiving an invitation to be an artist in residence at famous 798 artist village in Beijing.

She currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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