Top 5 Art Hanging Rail Systems

Hanging up your beloved art collection for display can be a perplexing situation. Maybe you would like rearrange your artworks on the wall over time or prefer not have holes drilled in your walls. Using a picture hanging system will certainly give you the best flexibility and convenience in displaying your artworks.

Right now, we are using STAS hanging track system to display our artworks; it has proven itself to be highly versatile and reliable. But there are many different brands available. Visually, most hanging systems are unobtrusive and blend into your interior décor. However, their products cater to different needs (type of wall, artwork, flexibility and convenience). Below is our list of the top 5 art hanging rail systems that we think are great choices.

STAS Picture Hanging System

Specially developed for museums and art galleries, STAS has been the preferred art hanging systems for the world’s most prestigious museums and galleries. STAS’ continuous innovation in manufacturing high-quality hanging systems has won itself several international awards.

STAS’ products are designed such that you can hang your paintings, postcards and posters with ease. STAS offers a range of picture hanging systems that are versatile; their products can be installed in homes, offices and other spaces. Whether you are looking to hang heavy paintings, clocks, mirrors on plaster walls, dry walls or brick walls, etc. , STAS has a hanging solution that is tailored to your every need and budget.

Pictures hung on the wall using the STAS picture hanging system

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AS Hanging Display Systems

AS Hanging Display Systems have been a manufacturer and distributor of hanging systems for over two decades. Having completed over 30,000 installations In North America, AS is a leader in the industry; they supply to mainly corporate businesses and art institutions. AS’s rail systems are designed to be discreet; it can be mounted behind finished carpentry, mouldings and trim so the track is completely hidden among interior architectural details. AS offers various hanging systems that can be installed on both straight and curved walls.

Pictures hung on the wall using the AS Picture hanging system

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Systematic Art Hanging System

Systematic Art was founded with an aim to offer innovative and museum-quality art hanging services to galleries, museums and corporations worldwide. They provide more affordable picture-hanging alternatives that are also flexible and reliable. Systematic Art hanging systems are uniquely designed to avoid putting nails in the walls. They provide both gallery/museum and residential solutions that are designed to fit different themes.

Various pictures on the wall with systematic art hanging system

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ArtiTeq State Of The Art Hanging Systems

Established in 1995, Artiteq is a Dutch company that is distributed in more than 60 countries. Artiteq’s products take into account consumers’ needs; they are designed to be flexible, user-friendly and value-for money. Artiteq hanging systems are sold for projects and corporate use, as well as a ready-to-use hanging concept for homes.

Artiteq Picture Hanging System

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Newly developed a new concept of picture hanging systems that ensure optimum performances and ease of use. Ideal for home use, Newly’s compact track kit is light and easy to install. The dynamic rail system is available in aluminum for a minimalist style or in white for re-painting, offering users an element of creativity.

Picture hung on the wall with a art hanging system

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