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Current and Past Exhibitions

Affordable Art Fair Shi Yanliang

Past – Affordable Art Fair Singapore

From April 6th to April 9th Asian Art Platform are delighted to attend the April edition of Affordable Art Fair in Singapore. Located at the F1 pit building, we’ll be located at Level 2, Paddock 2, Booth A1 just off the main entrance. As always, Affordable Art Fair showcases works between S$100 – S$15,000 with 75% priced below S$7,500.

We will be bringing a mixture of works priced between S$600 and S$7,800 including Shi Yanliang, Heather Goodwind, and more.

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Volcano - Inner Landscape Exhibition

Past – The Inner Landscape by Heather Goodwind

This March, Asian Art Platform presents The Inner Landscape, a solo exhibition featuring the work of American artist Heather GoodwindRunning from 10th March till 24th March , Heather Goodwind’s exhibition unveils a series of paintings which explores a singular idea or concept in a pleasant abstract manner.

Heather discovers the artistic significance from the invisible things in life; thoughts and emotions inspire the shape and figures that dance across the surface of her drawing.

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Shi Yanliang Artist

Past – Singapore Art Week, Shi Yanliang

During Singapore Art Week (11th to 22nd January 2017) Asian Art Platform are delighted to present the work of Chinese artist Shi Yanliang. As one of the most prominent and promising emerging talents in China today, Shi Yanliang is an 80s child, and thus tries to make sense of the impact of China’s one-child policy as well as the sudden influence of western culture on this generation through his distinctive visual language.

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Past – Affordable Art Fair Singapore

From November 17th to November 20th Asian Art Platform are delighted to once again attend the November edition of Affordable Art Fair in Singapore. Located at the F1 pit building, we’ll be located at stand 3A-01 on level 3 in paddock 2 just off the main walkway. The latest edition of AAF Singapore has seen the price point move, such that works will be priced between S$100 – S$15,000 with 75% priced below S$7,500.

We will be bringing a mixture of works priced between S$3,000 and S$12,000 and including photography, oil on canvas, egg tempera on board, and a selection of bronze and fiber glass sculptures.

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Past – The Three Kingdoms by Cai Jun

From September 23rd to October 30th we’re delighted to showcase the work of Chinese artist Cai Jun in his solo exhibition titled The Three Kingdoms. Running from AD 220–280 it was the tripartite division of China between the states of Wei (魏), Shu (蜀), and Wu (吳) which followed the Han Dynasty and involved the fight for imperial power in ancient China.

In this new series, Cai Jun recreates the famous folk tales inspired by this period, and brings it to life with oil on canvas. He uses vibrant colours and his typical playful style to add an element of humour to the scenes and ancient characters.

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Past – Wang Zhanfeng & Chen Yaqiu

Through the months of January and February 2016, Asian Art Platform will be showcasing the works of two talented Chinese artists – sculptor Wang Zhanfeng & Tempera painter Chen Yaqiu.

Before the invent and widespread adoption of oil, many artists used the medium of tempera paint (egg yolk, colour pigment, and water) to produce wonderful, pastel toned works. Chen Yaqiu brings this technique back to life in her latest series of works.

Wang Zhanfeng has exceptional sculpting technique and his mastery of the human anatomy has enabled him to produce incredibly detailed and life-like sculptures, with his current series of work focusing on the topic of water and environmental influence.

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Affordable Art Fair 2015

Past – Affordable Art Fair Singapore

In the month of November, Asian Art Platform is delighted to be attending the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore. Running between the 12th and 15th November, the fair offers art lovers the opportunity to view and purchase works between the value of $100 – $10,000 with over 600 other exhibitors in attendance.

We will be exhibiting throughout the event, showcasing a mixture of post-80s Chinese artists such as Sun Shang, Cai Jun, Zhao Xiaodan and Wang Hui. Drop by our exhibition space at 2C-04 (level 2, paddock 3) to view our works.

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Past – East Meets West (17th – 24th September)

In the month of September, Asian Art Platform is proud to present the joint exhibition – East Meets West in partnership with Austrian based ART Gallery 91.

The exhibition will highlight the work of a collection of post-80s Chinese artists, most notably a selection of new works from Cai Jun (featuring his film series) and Sun Shang. In partnering with ART Gallery 91,  the exhibition will also feature the work of abstract painter Eva Kaiser.

The exhibition opens on September 17th at ArtSpace in Suntec Tower 1 from 7pm till 10pm – please email [email protected] to RSVP. The works will continue to be on display through to September 24th and you may visit us anytime from 11am – 9pm (entry is free).

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Past – Wang Hui and U Lun Gywe (August 2015)

In the month of August, Asian Art Platform is proud to present the works of two exceptional artists. Emerging Chinese artist Wang Hui and Burmese master U Lun Gywe.

Wang Hui(王辉) was born in 1977, but unlike many of his peers in China, he has an artistic direction that is less political. Wang Hui is largely under the influence of the “Realism Art Movement” in China during the late 1970s to 1980s and this shows in his careful attention to detail and reveals his special talent and connection for landscapes in particular.

U Lun Gywe was born in 1930, Yangon, Myanmar. He is regarded as the greatest living and most respected impressionist artist in Myanmar. He studied in China in 1964, and was awarded a fellowship in art restoration to east Germany in 1971. His year–long stay in China had a strong influence, and he incorporated the Chinese brush and ink techniques into his oils and watercolors.

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Past – The Blooming Flowers of The Nation (July 2015)

The exhibition highlighted the work of Chinese artist Zhao Xiaodan whose paintings are deceptively cheerful in their imagery and colors; however beneath their childlike, almost cartoon-like simplicity, the works look critically at issues of China’s education and its children in the education system.

The characters in Zhao’s painting shed an apparently innocent light on the viewer. Under her brush, with the bright and cheerful colors, the cute little figurines with identical school uniforms with no faces are robotically being epitomized into the center of the canvas.

In her work, she naïvely questions her experience as a child of the most benefited generation from the China’s nine-year compulsory education scheme and the reform and opening up policy. She subtly reveals China’s strong rooted communism and socialism is wiping away children’s individualities.

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Past – Two Tales of One City (June 2015)

Asian Art Platform highlights two emerging Chinese artists who have exhibited extensively in China, Cai Jun and Sun Shang. As the members of the Post-80s generation (or, China’s generation Y), both artists use their unique artistic language to present the cultural experience and life journey of China’s younger generation.

Born following the adoption of the reform and opening up policy in 1978, the new generation grew up in the vortex of change socially and culturally, during rapid economic growth, while strongly rooted in China’s socialism policy.

Inspired by the new changes and digital influence, Cai Jun and his rebellious, playful and humorous characters cynically challenge the so-called “Supposed Art Form”. Sun Shang is telling us a different side of the story. He transformed the hard, lifeless wood to flawless, lifelike human anatomy.

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Past – An Evening with Photographer Russel Wong (April 2015)

Russel Wong(黄国基)  is one of the most celebrated photographers in Singapore and Asia. He was the first Singaporean to break into the notoriously difficult Hollywood movie industry and has worked with famous celebrities, including Joan Chen, Isabella Rossellini, Oliver Stone, Paloma Picasso, Michael Jackson, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Glenn Close, David Lynch, Bruce Willis and Jackie Chan. He is also among the elite photographers commissioned to photograph covers for Time magazine.

In April we were delighted to host him and a number of his works, including recent shots from Huangshan and the Li Jiang River in China as well as some of his older works on the film sets of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero and House of Flying Daggers.

Works by 2nd generation Singaporean artist Tay Bak Koi and emerging Chinese artist Sun Shang were also on display.

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