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Online Art Appraisal Request Form

If you are considering selling an artwork we can help provide an initial estimate of its potential value. To take advantage of this art appraisal service, please complete the form on this page and provide us with as much relevant information as possible. Once we’ve received your initial request we may contact you to confirm any additional information.

Our art valuation service is primarily focused on two types of users:

(1) You are interested in selling an existing piece of work and wish to know its value in the open market.

(2) You are interested in getting a latest assessment on a piece of work you have previously bought or inherited.

We prefer not to be asked for art valuation information in cases where you are looking to purchase a particular piece of artwork from a collector, auction house or 3rd party gallery that has no association with Asian Art Platform. This is to ensure that we remove ourselves from any perceived conflict of interest.

Due to the volume of demand, we have had to introduce a S$25 service fee to cover our art appraisal services. Either before or after submitting your request, please process your payment using the link below (will route you to a secure location to make payment). Once we have matched your payment to your submission we will process your appraisal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the art appraisal process work?

Through our experience, knowledge of the open market rate for a vast number of artists (particularly across Asia), and access to historical auction sales data we are able to compile an initial market value for your artwork. This is primarily on the basis of knowing a few key pieces of information, primarily the artists name, the size and condition of the work, the medium (i.e., oil on canvas, water color, ink on paper etc) and the date of creation.

If you submit these key pieces of information, along with a good quality image then we can provide you with some feedback.

How long will the appraisal take?

It will ultimately depend on the quality of the information and images you provide per the earlier answer. If we have access to the appropriate information then we’ll typically feedback within 48 hours.

What artists do your specialise in?

We can do art appraisals for just about any international artist if they are well established, but we have particular strength in providing market value on Chinese and Southeast Asian artworks (inc. Singapore our home market).