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art restorers

Our in-house fine art restorer and international guest specialists are experts in cleaning and restoring paintings and sculptures, both indoor and outdoor.

Painting restoration

We restore a wide range of mediums including oil, watercolours, acrylic, and mixed media works. We are experienced in repairing paintings suffering from paint loss, weakened canvas, tears, mould, and water/fire/insect damage.

Sculpture restoration

In addition to restoring paintings we have been engaged by countless organisations to provide preservation, protection, and maintenance for copper, stainless steel, chrome, bronze, and fiberglass sculptures.

Common restoration services

  • Damage or tears to the artwork
  • Cracked or flaking paint
  • Staining or discolouration of the paintwork.
  • Water and moisture damage.
  • Loose and rippled canvas.
  • Yellowing and mould spots on paper works
  • Insect damage
  • Damage caused from exposure to outside elements such as sunshine, rain and human traffic.

Restoration examples

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does art restoration typically cost?

Unfortunately it really depends on the individual situation for each artwork, but we have a fair and systematic approach to quoting all kinds of restoration jobs. We are typically very competitive price wise and clients really value our high touch service.

For paintings

There is lots of factors at play such as painting size, medium, and condition, all of which can greatly vary from one project to another. Our method of quoting takes into account the amount of time required to restore the painting along with any base material costs involved.

For sculptures

We will need to understand if the restoration can be handled on-site or we can remove the item and restore in our own premises. If we need to restore on-site we need to factor in ease of access, and any other special requirements that you may have. For example, some projects require access via boom/scissor lifts or scaffolding, whilst other projects will require night or weekend work.

Our quote will largely be based on time required to complete the restoration, material cost, and any other aspects that are required to complete the job within your special requirements.

Do you have experience restoring and maintaining outdoor sculptures?

Yes we do. We work with various corporations and MCSTs in Singapore to restore and maintain artworks on their premises. This ranges from touching up damaged artworks to complete stripping and repainting jobs. We have also been engaged by various parties to perform regular maintenance of sculptures on various terms - i.e., every 6 month, annually etc

My canvas painting has been ripped or torn, can it be repaired?

Generally yes, though its best to share some photos with us via email or on whatsapp. Its quite a common issue and we have successfully repaired many such works over the years. Some examples that we see quite frequently:

  • The canvas painting has been damaged during transport [i.e., moving country].
  • The painting has been damaged by a contractor [i.e., they drilled a hole through it].
  • The painting has dropped and snagged on something, causing a tear.
  • The painting is very old. This has caused both the paint and canvas to become very brittle and easily prone to damage.

If you have a canvas painting that has ripped or torn, please feel free to send us some images and we'll be happy to assess and provide a quote for you. We'll give you an honest assessment of what can be done and the cost involved then you can make a decision on whether to proceed. Please note that such restoration can be quite time intensive and is unlikely to be cost sensible for purely decorative pieces. That being said, as many works we restore have been damaged by 3rd parties, often the insurer will cover the cost of the repair.

I have a paper work with mould on it, can you restore it?

If your artwork is Chinese ink on paper then we have a lot of experience of removing such mould spots and would be happy to assist you. If it is photography / prints on paper then this is not something we can assist you with unfortunately.

Do you offer regular maintenance of sculptures and other types of artwork?

Yes, we provide such services for a number of clients in Singapore. If you or your organisation requires artwork cleaning and maintenance please reach out to discuss your needs and we'll be happy to provide a quote.

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