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Guan Yinfu 关音夫

Guan Yinfu Chinese Artist

Guan Yinfu was born in Qiqiha’er, Heilongjiang province, China in 1975. He graduated from The Central Academy of Drama with a Bachelor Degree in Stage Design.

In Guan Yinfu’s works, the pigment turns from a color to an object which is composed of color, volume, and weight. In his works, colors have volume and weight, and the contact, overlap, and permeation of different color blocks bring slight changes to them. He minimizes the works’ nature as paintings—the artist’s body and spirit are no longer in charge; rather, the artist takes a step back and acts as a follower.

Guan Yinfu does not design the shape of the color blocks on his works. Instead, he lets pigments naturally flow and congeal. However, he did tilt the wood boxes a little bit, so as to create slight disturbance to the shape of the color blocks when the pigments congeal naturally. Also, the combination of wooden crates and pure pigments imbues the works with casualness, and blurs the boundary between “works of art” and “objects”.

Guan Yinfu also works with stainless steel. With the grinding marks on the stainless steel, the artist creates an optical illusion which disturbs people’s conception of space, and therefore makes the representation of the works complicated, multi-layered, and debatable.

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Works by Guan Yinfu

Below is a summary of the works we currently have available from Guan Yinfu. Should you be interested in his works, but don’t currently see any works that interest you, please feel free to get in touch and we can let you know about upcoming works ahead of adding them to the website.

Additional Information on Guan Yinfu

Solo Exhibitions

2013 – Guan Yinfu ≥ Objecthood  Jing Gallery, Beijing, China.

Group Exhibitions

2017 – Vivivid, Fingerprint Gallery, Beijing, China.
2016 – The Decameron BMCA Documenting Art, China.
2016 – Dingyun Art Salon Collection Exhibition,Wuhan, China.
2015 – Concealed PowerYang Art Museum, Beijing, China.
2014 – Soft Abstraction as Constellation, UCCA, China.
2014 – The Being of Non Being, Linda Gallery, Beijing, China.
2013 – Heiqiao Night AwayBeijing, China.
2013 – Internai/External:The Form and Vision of Concept, Tong Gallery, Beijing, China.
2013 – Simulacrum and Image, Da Xiang Art Space, Taiwan, China.
2012 – Against Space Eight Kinds of Attitude and Situation About Painting,Beijing. China.
2012 – Art Taipei, Yang Gallery, Taiwan, China.
2012 – Painting Lesson-Negative And Positive Style, Yang Gallery, Beijing, China.
2011 – Paint Beyond The Frame, Feizi Gallery, Shanghai, China.
2010 – Visual Flux –Easel Painting Research Exhibition 1 – Space and Energy, Qinghe Current Art Center, Nanjing, China.
2009 – Young Artists Promotional Exhibition “Re-experimentation: a reaffirmation of enlightenment and will”, Beijing 798 Art Festival, China.
2009 – First Chongqing Biennale for the Young Artists,Chongqing, China.
2009 – Obstruction, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu, China.

Art Fairs

2015 – ART SOUTHAMPTON, New York
2015 – ART BEIJING, Beijing, China.
2012 – ART TAIPEI, Beijing, China.