Top 5 Fine Arts Logistics Companies

Transporting your valuable piece of art across continents can be daunting. As a gallery, shipping artworks is an integral part of the business. We emphasize on the importance of finding the right shipping company to ensure that the integrity of our artworks are not compromised during the journey.

Below is our list of top 5 fine arts logistics companies in Singapore that have a stellar track record in art shipping, handling and storage for various art institutions and private owners.


Established in 1979, Helu-Trans Group has a long history of art handling in Asia. With an extensive industry network and longstanding partnerships with the finest international art transportation associations and organisations, Helu-Trans has been the preferred shipping partner for major and regional art institutions, art collectors, auction houses, artists and art galleries. The shipping company is based in Singapore with regional offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Yogyakarta and Tokyo.

Helu Trans fine art handlers Hanging an artwork on the wall

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Crown Fine Art

Crown Fine Art is a result of the merger between highly respected shipping companies, such as Gerlach Art Shippers and Packers (Netherlands), John Nurminen Prima (Finland), Lavanchy (France) and Oxford Exhibition Services (UK).

With the combined expertise, Crown Fine Art is dedicated to providing quality shipping, packing and storage services. They offer international sea transportation and container shipping for for monumental works and large collections. As a leading player in the shipping industry, the entire process is overseen by professionals to ensure that your artworks are safely handled at all times.

Crown Fine Art Handlers handling artwork

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Lotus Fine Arts Logistics

Lotus Fine Arts is an elite expert in the preparation, handling, storage and installation of fine art. Based in Hong Kong and Singapore, they serve the major art centers of the world. Whether it is a shipping assignment from Beijing to New York, London to Melbourne or Rio to Johannesburg, Lotus Fine Arts is well equipped with the latest art technology to provide a world class shipping service.

Lotus Fine Art Handlers hanging a piece of fine art

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As a global logistics company, Agility has the world’s largest integrated logistics providers with more than 22,000 employees and operations in 100 countries. With a broad range of knowledge and expertise, Agility is a master in handling fine arts for both fairs and events. Notable events include Art Stage in Singapore, Art Basel in Switzerland and Henry Butcher Art Auction in Malaysia. Agility is a one-stop shipping provider with services that include packaging, humidity control, customs clearance and customized truck to protect the artwork in the shipping process.

Staff from Agility support packing artwork at Affordable Art Fair

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If you are looking for a cheaper option, Speedpost is certainly a good choice. Although they do not specifically do fine art shipping, they accept art packages unlike other postal couriers.

Speedpost is the most established delivery service in Singapore and provides international delivery to more than 200 destinations across the world.

employee of speedpost singapore serving a customer

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