Public works of art

We have long standing experience working with private collectors, developers, organisations and
government bodies to help them select and install public works of art.

If you are interested in discussing your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

One Sank Meter, Cai Lei
– Mongolia

Infinite Freedom, Cai Lei
– Hai Nan, China

Thank You, Luo Dan
– Central Academy Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Rolling, Luo Dan
– Shanxi, China

Thank You, Luo Dan
– Erhai Lake, Dali, China

Rolling, Luo Dan
– Beijing, China

Statue of Liberty, Luo Dan
– Beijing FUN, China

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a public art display cost?

It will entirely depend on the artists work you select, the size, and the logistics to transport and set-up. The logical first step is to get in touch and let us know your specific requirements and we can work with you to determine suitable artists and provide a quote.

Will sculptures last when placed outside?

This depends on the sculpture, but certainly the artists we handle all have sculptures in materials that can be placed outside and will stand up to weather of all kinds. For more specific information please get in touch.

Can you provide something to specific requirements?

The short answer is yes, but of course we’d need to better understand what you’re looking for and the environment where the work would be located. Please get in touch so we can have an initial discussion and take it from there.

What are the potential benefits of a public artwork?

There is a number of potential benefits to display works in public spaces, including:

  1. Differentiation vs. other developments or locations.
  2. Creating a sense of prestige or specific character within a location.
  3. Potential for financial gain of works over time.
  4. Additional PR as a result of ‘art tours’ or people simply snapping photographs and sharing online.
  5. Sometimes tax breaks or other financial offers to encourage developers to invest in artwork to enhance the area / cultural value.
  6. Philanthropic elements, such as simply looking to share art with the general public on a large scale.

Interested in commissioning a public work?

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