Luo Dan 罗旦


Luo Dan is a Chinese artist, based in Beijing, China. He graduated from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, with a masters in sculpting. Luo Dan’s figurative sculptures maintain a reverence for classical and modernist traditions. He applies simple minimalist lines to create elements that add an enigmatic and poetic quality to his work.

In the series titled Thank You, he pushes boundaries and overthrows the audience’s visual comfort zone by elegantly balancing symmetrically posed so-called ‘heavy set’ performers on slim poles. He uses bronze as the core material to depict the spry, corpulent forms and the roundness and fullness of the statues to create a visual tension that is both heavy and light.

Luo creates sculptures that defy gravity, his poetical expression leads the audience to an invisible world by giving shape to the mystery.

View pictures of Luo Dans work in public

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