Nidal Khaddour


Nidal Khaddour is a Syrian visual artist based in Dubai. His acrylic on canvas works celebrate abstract realism inspired by his perception of cityscapes, nature and city lights. On the surface, the abstraction draws to cityscapes however, there is a recurring element of nature and light in his works. Technically, the artist builds layers upon layers of paint on canvas but visually, it is unequivocally flat and even. His works are a harmonious balance of shapes, lines and typically Impressionist colors. The bright, vivid colors emphasize the geometric abstraction and spatial design further, while projecting the artist’s own perception of nature and the cityscape.

Khaddour’s inspiration draws from the despair and state of chaos in his birth country Syria, yet his desire to influence the world instead to see beauty and seek light from darkness radiates from the warmth and pulsating energy of his colorful abstractions. In these testing times, his positive reflections are deeply relevant and a beacon of hope.