Chen Jun


Chen Jun is an established Beijing-based painter from Hunan, China. His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries around China, UK, France, Netherlands and Germany.

Chen’s intricate paintings of contemporary cityscapes and mountainous landscapes showcase layers of contrast between modern and traditional. His ode to tradition and his heritage is explicitly showcased in his signature stylized use of Chinese ink on rice paper. A purveyor of protecting Chinese ink art, he adopts the “Cun” style of Chinese painting; repetitive dots of ink, layer after layer, an ancient method of traditional Chinese painting that takes patience and resilience. Ink painting is revered by him as a vehicle for expression of thought. The process is an introspective journey for him, forcing him to look inwards while he builds on expansive, interwoven sprawling city or landscapes, much like maintaining stillness within the chaos of modern-day cities. As traditional ink art is rapidly becoming a dying art form, he is revitalizing its usage in his contemporary subjects while his introduction of bright colors to the typically monochrome colors of Chinese ink paintings adds another veil of contrast between modern and traditional.

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