Where to go for Framing in Singapore

There is no shortage of excellent framing shops and independent frame makers in Singapore. As an operating art gallery, and having lived here for over 10 years, we hopefully have a pretty good idea of the best options around for framing all kinds of items for the home, office or gallery setting


If you’re looking for quality frames for posters, prints, and photographs then FrameIT could be the perfect fit. They offer the online framing solution in Singapore where you can build your frame, pay online, and have it shipped to your door to exact custom measurements. They have a physical showroom located at 120 Lower Delta Road, #08-01/02 Cendex Centre and cover all types of framing, including canvas stretching.

Website: https://frameit.com.sg

Call or Whatsapp: +65 8798 6867

Merlin Frame Maker

With 3 outlets across Singapore, Merlin Frame Maker is the largest custom frame maker in Singapore. They have outlets located at River Valley, Waterloo Centre, and Paragon Orchard. They have around 600+ unique frames and will guide you through a wide array of options to match any creative flair you might have.

Merlin Frame Maker is a very professional operation – they have over 20 employees, 3 outlets and a 6,000 sqft workshop with all the bells and whistles. The owner has a genuine passion and love for fine art and this is reflected in the quality of the materials and workmanship on show.

Convenience, quality and professionalism tend to come at a slightly higher cost than the traditional roadside framing shops, but we personally refer the vast majority of our clients directly to Merlin because we trust them to deliver. For cheaper items such as posters and prints, you may wish to consider other options.

Merlin Frame Maker Singapore

Contact: +65 6735 1866

Website: https://merlin.com.sg

Arts in Mind

Having started as a one-man band, Arts in Mind has quickly grown through excellent customer service, good old hard work, and top quality framing solutions. We have used Nas (owner of Arts in Mind) for many years and have never been disappointed, so it came as no surprise to us when he continued to grow his business and expand into new opportunities including art storage and installation.

Arts in Mind will do home/office pickup, consultation, framing and delivery which makes them a highly convenient option. The one downside is that they have no fixed location to view the frames themselves, but if you looking for canvas stretching or basic frame finishes like simple black/white etc, then they are a great option to deal with over email or phone.

This beautiful work by Wang Yunchong was stretched on canvas by Arts in Mind, including pick-up and delivery.

Stretched Canvas Wang Yunchong

Contact: +65 6635 1900

Website: http://artsinmind.asia/

Jimmy Tan – CallMeFrame

As an independent frame maker he doesn’t have a walk-in shop, so tends to rely on a more personalised service that involves pick-up and drop-off services.

If you aren’t too bothered about walking into a physical store, then Jimmy is a good option as he’ll be able to consult with you on framing solutions and handle all the logistics.

This beautiful U Lun Gywe was stretched on canvas and framed by Jimmy Tan.

U Lun Gywe Framed by Jimmy Tan

Contact: +65 9668 8097

Wah Lee Frame Maker

Hole in the wall framing shop located at 107 Jalan Bukit Merah the uncle does everything himself on-site. Prices are reasonable and workmanship good.

Contact: +65 9675 7620

Ittibaa Glazing Enterprise Pte Ltd

For cheaper, general canvas stretching and framing you may wish to consider Ittibaa Glazing, located on Boon Keng road and opposite the MRT of the same name. Its a fairly typical roadside framers in Singapore with a solid range of frame types and styles, good pricing and pretty consistent service.

Probably not the right option if you are framing items of genuine monetary or sentimental value. They are a nice, hard-working group, but the location and condition of the outlet mean we tended to get dust and fluff stuck to some of our items.

Contact: +65 6298 2281

Website: http://www.framesandglass.com/

Barakkath Frame Maker

Similar to Ittibaa, Barakkath Frame Maker offers cost-sensitive framing options with a physical shop located on South Bridge Road, near Chinatown.

Contact: +65 6223 3027

Website: http://barakkathframes.com/

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  • Ben Rush

    Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on framers in Singapore. Allow me to ask a couple of follow up questions for those who have the time to add some extra value to this post:

    (1) Have you used any of these framers yourself – either through the recommendation made in this post or prior to ever coming across this content?

    (2) Do you have any other framers in Singapore that you would recommend? We’re always open to adding additional vendors to the list, but we’d naturally give them a try before we were willing to put them up.

  • Adeline Ng

    Thanks for sharing your post! Especially the recommendation for services like picking up the art and delivery which saves precious time for me and my family whom are constantly not at home due to work. Plus mounting the art up as well, invaluable recommendations!!

    P.s. Your above two questions is a No from me. Thanks!

  • Mauro

    Thank you Ben, I’m an artist who’s recently moved to Singapore.
    Due to the nature of my artworks (I create delicate insects out of dried ink – http://www.maurodegiorgi.com) I’m looking for a reliable framer who’s also able to provide tailored solutions. Your post is really informative!

    Kind regards.

  • Emma

    Thank you for this helpful article. I had an animation cell to frame and Ittibaa Glazing Enterprise Pte Ltd did the job in an hour on the same day and were really helpful. Thankbyou

    • alicezou

      Glad you had a good experience. Not sure Ittibaa would really complete a job on the same day within one hour, so take this comment with a little bit of a pinch of salt. They are efficient and reliable for framing of cheap works, but they have never completed a job for us same day, within 1 hour and I don’t expect they would for any other customer.

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